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First post

I guess I should put up a post telling a bit about me since I started this huh? rofl.

I am a mother 6 times over. My little ducks are and are turning 11,10, 5, 4, 2, 1. Everyone has their birthdays from Jan to July. Since my kids tend to be on the little side they all look like they could be twinned with their closest sibling.

Some of the most tiring comments are when I have both double strollers and I am out somewhere people will stop me and ask if I have quads. Now I KNOW that the kids all are close, but come on. One could barely sit up at the time.


One of the greatest joys is watching my kids interact with each other. They seem to always have someone to occupy their time with and that leaves me with time on my hands. Often times I complain of too much time. ;) Then I realize that I have to clean up and wonder where all my time went.

Anyway. I actually recieved a call! Must go for now.
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