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Saturday, June 2nd, 2007
4:53 pm
large family meal plan
Hi!  I thought I would post here, finally....
I have 6 kids, ages 7 yo to 8 months gestation.  I love the spacing AND the number, but we are planning on taking an extended break after this last one is born.  I want to know what life is like with no diapers....

Well, I made a meal plan that I hope will feed my monsters relatively cheaply and healthfully.  I don't know about y'all but my kids eat ridiculous amounts of food.  I have to make 12 servings of anything just for my family, usually.  This can get expensive.  I also wanted a meal plan that could be largely made ahead and frozen, so I wouldn't HAVE to cook everyday, particularly after this baby is born.

So, if you're interested....

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Tuesday, May 8th, 2007
12:37 pm
I went to the zoo with my six littles and I felt like I was the one on display.

I had one in a backpack carrier, made by Kelty Kids, and then three of the littles I fanagled to sit in the double stroller. Two of htem in seats, adn one standing on the basket part, helping me push. The bigger two obviously walked.

We did have a very nice time and I did enjoy the workout, even if it meant that I felt like death warmed over later on. It was a nice cool day so I think that was my saving grace. We walked for just over 2 and 1/2 hours and didn't get but just over a quarter of the way through all the animals. This trip we lingered as much as the children wanted inbetween each stop and that made it a bit nicer for me. Usually we want to do the zoo in under 5 hours and get through it all, but I didn't really care for rushing because I was doing it all myself lol.

I think I will have the same experience when we go to the Science center next week too, although not so much. The kids like to scatter a bit so it is not as dramatic as having six children right on your side I guess. People must assume that the kids that I am watching are really someone's other than my own? Who knows.

Hopefully I will not get all the comments though this time. They do get so old.
Thursday, April 19th, 2007
7:07 pm
First post
I guess I should put up a post telling a bit about me since I started this huh? rofl.

I am a mother 6 times over. My little ducks are and are turning 11,10, 5, 4, 2, 1. Everyone has their birthdays from Jan to July. Since my kids tend to be on the little side they all look like they could be twinned with their closest sibling.

Some of the most tiring comments are when I have both double strollers and I am out somewhere people will stop me and ask if I have quads. Now I KNOW that the kids all are close, but come on. One could barely sit up at the time.


One of the greatest joys is watching my kids interact with each other. They seem to always have someone to occupy their time with and that leaves me with time on my hands. Often times I complain of too much time. ;) Then I realize that I have to clean up and wonder where all my time went.

Anyway. I actually recieved a call! Must go for now.
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